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Custom Work

We are happy to assist you with every aspect of store development and management.

You are free to use all of our eCommerce modules and we will develop free-of-charge new modules.
Please note that only eCommerce related modules will be free-of-charge.

Anyway, most of our `Custom Work` is included in one of the following:

  1. Business Identity / Logo Design
  2. Special Theme Design
  3. Theme Editing
  4. A/B Testing Campaings
  5. SEO or Marketing Campaigns

1. Business Identity / Logo Design

When you are new in business and dont have an offline presence already defined, chances are that you will need a Business Identity - the most important - a company logo - which will help your customers identify and recognize you as a  brand. Flyouts, business cards are also part of your business identity and we will properly assist you.

2. Theme Design

Somethimes you wont find in our theme gallery the design you were hoping for. Also a custom-designed shop will help you better stand out in front of your competition. We will listen to your tastes and we will combine the talent of our artists with the knowledge required for an ecommerce themes: usability, call-to-action buttons, cart abandonment and conversion rate - to name a few :)

3. Theme Editing

Sometimes you will want to change the color of a button or add a new zone to you website. Although this can be done using our integrated Theme Builder and Theme Editor, basic knowledge of HTML/CSS is still required. If you dont like to get your hands dirty, we will take care of that for you!

4. A/B Testing

You want to improve you conversion rate, you have some ideas, but dont know which variant to choose. We can assist you by creating a A/B Testing Campaign. Together we will define and measure each variant and find out which version works best for your store.

5. SEO or Marketing Campagins.

Long story short: We will NOT create any SEO or Maketing Campaigns. We  will only assist in implementing such when desired.
Accepted requests: "This is the campaign i want to run, help me with implementation".
Working on SEO Campaigns is a little tricky and has 2 (two) potential pitfalls. First nobody will be able to guarantee the results you expect. That's the way it is, things change all the time in SEO Industry.
Second, due to the diversity of our customers, we wanted to avoid conflict situations working for two competitive clients at the same time. Lets say you have Shop-A. If your competitor, Shop-B is also our client, then it's fair for both that we stay neutral and not create any SEO campaigns, since increasing one's rank means means a decrease for the other :).
However, we are ok with implementing your ideas, whether it's a SEO Campaign, a Facebook Campaign to better engage with your customers or simply a Brand Awareness Campaign among your potential clients.



After you decided on the custom work that needs to be done, here is how things will work out:

Since each `Custom Work` and each client is unique, the workflow may differ, but our quality not :)

Get in touch with us, we look forward working with you. - Our Ecommerce Solution for Your Online Store!

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